About me

Who is the Sports Bloke and what is the point of this blog?

To paraphrase Henry Hill from Goodfellas, ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a sports writer. Not a reporter, not an interviewer, just a bloke who writes about sport. Now, after freeing up some time and overcoming my inherent apathy, I’ve finally got round to building this blog.

The idea is this: write some interesting stuff based on my life as an American sports fan trapped in a British sports fan’s body. That doesn’t mean I won’t be writing about UK sports. There’ll be some cricket and some football, but there’ll also be basketball, baseball, NFL – all written from the perspective of a man who’d rather sit up all night watching games online than get a good night’s sleep and rather spend a day watching county cricket than going to work.

So, what about petty bias? There’ll be plenty. As a lifelong West Ham fan, I hate Spurs. As an England cricket fan, I’m not averse to giving the Aussies some clog. Stateside, my teams are New York’s Knicks and Giants and, in baseball, the San Francisco Giants. I also carry a torch for the Golden State Warriors. These are the teams I first saw live in the US and my allegiances were born there. I have no time for glory hunters or bandwagon jumpers.

Finally, the fact this blog exists at all is due to Bill Simmons, JE Skeets & Tas Melas, Dan Levy and the ever-growing list of internet sportswriters I continue to discover able to fuse sports, media and pop culture into well-thought, well-written and always readable literary gumbo.

I also post my NBA columns on the Shoot Hoops website. And if you really want to, you can follow me on Twitter.


3 responses to “About me

  1. Could you shoot me an e-mail at rdenis@mvn.com when you get a chance. I have a few questions i’d like to as you regarding your blog. Thanks!
    Rich Denis

  2. Hello Mate,

    My name is Kev and in my spare time I run a site basketball site called Shoot Hoops and I was wondering if you would like to get involved. Like you I’m a West Ham & Knicks fan.

    Hit me up.

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